Jim Ferguson

Name: Jim Ferguson
Company: Twisted Nickel Knives
Email: jim@twistednickel.com
Website: http://www.twistednickel.com/ and http://www.howtomakeaknife.net/

Phone: 951.­302.­0267

Jim Ferguson’s knives are featured in some of the most exclusive knife collections in the world. His knives have graced the covers of numerous premiere knife magazines for the past 20 years, including Le Passion du Couteau and Knives Illustrated ­ and has been featured in Blade, Blades International, as well as in numerous books. He also created knives for the blockbuster film Pirates of the Caribbean ­ The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Jim has been making custom knives since 1987. He has become known both for his finely crafted art knives, and his uniquely forged damascus steel. Jim has an extensive background in sheet metal and drafting ­ having owned a sheet metal company for over 20 years. He brings this unique experience both to his own knife making, as well as to the teaching of the craft.

Jim’s knives have been featured in the following publications:

Knives Illustrated
Gun Digest Book of Knives Le Passion du Couteau Edges
Knife World
Knives (Annual)
Fighting Knives
Blade International
Gun World

He currently resides in Temecula, CA with his family.

Please check out my Web sites http://www.twistednickel.com/ and http://www.howtomakeaknife.net/.

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