John Harris

14131 Calle Vista

Riverside, CA 92508


As a child I had an interest in making knives. I used to use my mothers butcher knife to carve wooden knives. I would use white shoe polish for the blade color and black polish for the handles. About 35 years ago I made a few knives I thought were pretty nice. I realize now that they weren’t. I did not know how to heat treat the blades too thick. About 8 years ago I got serious and learned a lot from knifemakers. Joined Cal Knives best thing I ever did. Learned so much from these generous and talented people. I met Jim Ferguson and he taught me how to make nickel damascus his way. I will always be grateful to Jim Ferguson.

Hunters, Daggers, Bowies, Damascus
Stock Removal and forged
Damascus Ladder patters for sale in 1095 and Nickel 200.

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