Kelly Lane

Name: Kelly Lane

Company: Kelly Lane Knives

Location: Planet Earth

Phone: 714-872-2141




A Great Grandson inherited 3 small antique folding knives from my Great-Grandfather. I cleaned, oiled and polished those up like new, as if I was preserving the memory of him. That small remembrance ignited a life-long passion in knives for me. I MADE my first knife in 1987 for a Renaissance Faire I attended in full “Scottish Great Kilt” and that knife (left-handed Stag Dirk) turned out very nicely. I showed it to someone at the Faire, and they showed me 2 large custom-made knives that blew my mind! After seeing those, a creative expression inspired me to make more knives. It was a hobby at first but has turned into a passion where my skills and craftsmanship improve with each knife created & began building a ‘Collection of Kelly Knives’. Three decades later, I decided to try and SELL some as an exhibitor in my first ever knife show: Cal Knives Show in Brea, CA. Currently I exhibit and sell at several knife shows and exhibitions on the West Coast.


Being an active member of the California Knifemakers Association has put me in contact with some of the BEST, most creative knife makers in the USA. I began to learn thousands of tips, tricks and hints that only furthered my knife making skills. In particular Mike Butcher, Bill Herndon and Steve Koster helped guide me into high quality grinding, fit and finish, forging and making Damascus steel. Mikhial Shindel is a good friend and superb knife maker, who joined Cal Knives about the same time I did. Through the generosity of the excellent people in our club, we both learned and honed (pun intended) our skills together while watching demonstrations by masters!


I exclusively use high quality materials and make a wide range of stylized knives. Having made several knives while living in Spain for a long stint, I learned and adopted some European Styles and Techniques. All my knives are crafted by hand using various hand and power tools, together with a lot of blood, sweat and tears which makes for a truly unique, heirloom quality knife.


Knife Making has become a very fulfilling enterprise and I take great pride in my work, constantly trying to improve the fit, finish, and function of my knives. I welcome all inquiries and am happy to pass on the information and techniques I have learned that I can teach to others.

-Kelly Lane