Marcus Clinco

Name: Marcus Clinco



I began making knives in 2002 after a coworker showed me a knife he made. After seeing his knife I was inspired to start researching how to make a knife and shortly thereafter I made my first knife. I have been making knives ever since. Although I am mostly a stock removal maker, I do occasionally forge a blade and make my own Damascus. I stick mostly to fixed blades but occasionally make lock back folders as well. I have gone back and forth between full time and part time making knives since mid 2008 when the job market tanked here in California and I got laid off.

In the past year I have focused much of my attention at developing and making several types of integral knives. One of my integral models, the Viper, was published in the November 2009 issue of Tactical Knives magazine. This model is actually made out of only 1 piece of material; I cut it out of a solid 1 1⁄4” thick rod of steel. I am also making more traditional integral bolster and end cap knives.

My other big focus in knife making is utility knives. Most of the knives I make are designed and made to be used. I do occasionally make presentation knives but I predominantly make working tools. I use a lot of good working steels like D­2, ATS 34 and 5160 and synthetic handle materials like micarta. I have models that range in size from a 2” blade up to a 10” blade camp knife. Just about all of my models are available either setup as working knives with simple but durable micarta handles and satin finished blades or dressed up with a mirror polish, shiny burl wood handles, bolsters, file work and just about anything else you may want.

Aside from making knives, I also make various tools for knifemakers. I sell Kydex and I manufacture presses for forming kydex knife sheaths. I also make and sell wood and stainless knife stands and knife grinding/file guides. If you are new to machine shop fundamentals and metal working or need a bit of help from time to time remembering metal cutting info I also make and sell a machinist’s quick reference chart.

If you are looking for information on how to make a knife, make sure to check out my website at and check out the process section. I have a full tutorial on how I make a loveless style drop point knife.

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