Michael Desensi

Michael Desensi
Golden Arrow Supply
Fullerton, Ca
SirMensi@aol.com (put knives in the subject line)

From early on I’ve always been drawn to blades and had I had my way, I’d have gone to Japan in my preteens to study with the Masters of steel.  Even now Japanese sword are a major interest to me. I’ve always dabbled in knives, mostly as a way of passing time I had. As I grew older, work took center stage and I worked touring bands for about 10 years when the manufacturing industry got lean. I’m a machinist by trade so I have always been around steel and have been getting into mold and die repair as well as maintenance machine repair.  My skill’s were always being honed. <No pun>

I moved from Maryland to Southern California in 1988 to chase record deals and better work, got into doing renaissance fairs. It was their I met my mentor, Bill Stroman, a retired Metallurgist, a friendship was made, He loved to teach and I was an open book to what He told after several offers to visit His shop I went and never looked back, to Me heaven is an afternoon with Bill at his forge, I like to think I’m on My way to being one of his better students due to My machinist background. I think the line was crossed the day I took a blade made from 01 to him, he looked at it and got quiet, then said I want to show this to my wife! He was very pleased of my work that day; hope I can keep it going. Bill has become more that a teacher, I owe Him a lot and admire Him more!

I tend to make simple rustic, “mountain man” and period influenced kind of stuff, not the art stuff really but smallish functional stuff, Bodkins seen to be a favorite of the people that deal with Me, bodice daggers, neck knives, “micro bowies” and the like, I on occasion do a larger blade, but most are in the 3 to 7 inch range and mostly focused at the renaissance crowd.

I work in all steel, 01 is a favorite A2 and D2 have also been used, along with 440c and high carbon stuff, I make My own Damascus and San MAI, deer horn, bone and exotic woods are handle choices.

The bodkins I make are a personal interpretation of period stuff Iv read of. Hilts and guards of brass or German silver are the norm; I incorporate lathe work into my blades too at times. If you are interested in a blade feel free to ask I usually have a few bodkin blades on my bench and an assortment of other blades in some stage of assemble as well.

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