Red St. Cyr

Name: Red St. Cyr
Company: Reva Forge

From the early age of thirteen, Red knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He began an apprenticeship with a farrier and fell in love with working with metal and horses. For three summers he worked diligently and by the time he was sixteen was a full fledged farrier. Red is now a Master Farrier, designing, forging, and custom fitting horseshoes throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

When farmers bailing hay began to use twine in place of bailing wire, someone asked Red if he could make them a knife from a horseshoeing rasp… and that started his life long love of bladesmithing. He has been making knives for over 35 years.

Red is the founder of the very successful ABS (American Bladesmith Society) West Coast Forging Clinic. He is a member of the Southern California Blades, American Bladesmith Society, Arizona KCA, and Oregon KCA and former President of California Knifemakers Association.

Red has always been known for his readiness to share his knowledge and skills with others. He proves this by hosting the California Forging Clinic annually and also doing knife forging demonstrations each year at the Knife Expo, Blade West, BAKA, and Reno ABS shows.

Red’s specialty is fixed blades, creating his own Damascus and mosaic patterns. In 1995 he became an ABS Journeyman Bladesmith and earned his Mastersmith rating in 1998. He has received numerous awards for his knives including the “Bill Moran Knife of the Year”.

Red enjoys making custom order knives. He hand forges the blade to the size and shape that the customer prefers. For the handles, he relishes working with natural materials such as horns, bones, and hardwoods and other exotic materials that Mother Nature provides. The product is finished by allowing the customer to choose to enrich the knife by carvings, engraving, file work, or other types of embellishments. The result is a truly unique knife unlike any other in the world.