Russ Moody

Name: Russ Moody

Company: Oak Tree Forge

Address: PO Box 1126, Sunland, CA 91041­1126

Phone: 818.­353.­0992

e Mail:

Web site:

I was born and raised on my Grand Parents ranch in Southern California where 10 acres of Black Walnut trees was my forest. At age 13 a hack saw blade knife project with my Dad set the knife­ making hook for me.

In 1994 a co­worker who was a part time knife maker would pull out a hardened knife blank at brake and lunchtime along with wet and dry sand paper. Well this was all I needed to rekindle my long time passion for knife making and knives.

I have worked mainly with stainless steel using the stock removal method. Custom made, Hunters, Skinners, Utility and Kitchen. I would be happy to make any style of knife that you would like.

Three years ago I started to setting up to forging high carbon steel and Damascus, this lead me to design a gas fired forge that was designed for knife makers to do forge welding. The Oak Tree Forge will be available in January of 07.

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