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About the California Knife Makers Association

In the untamed heart of California, under the vast, open canopy of Visalia's skies, there came a gathering of souls, rugged and resolute, on the twenty-first of November in the year 1981. These were the knifemakers of California, craftsmen of keen edge and keen wit, led by a man of vision, Bob Loveless. Their dream was as sharp and unyielding as the blades they forged: to elevate the noble art of knifemaking in this golden state, to kindle a fellowship where skill weds innovation, and to declare their fiery passion to the world. And so, amidst the wilds of ambition and camaraderie, the California Knife Makers Association was born.

A Fellowship of Iron and Resolve

At the core of our brotherhood lies a vibrant community, a forge of human spirit. Our members, as diverse as the land itself, engage in the exchange of knowledge, not through idle chatter but through the clang of hammer on steel in their shops, through the wisdom imparted in webinars, and through the written word in newsletters. For the greenhorn and the grizzled artisan alike, our association is fertile ground, a place where skill is honed and wisdom shared, where every exchange of word and idea forges a stronger link in our ever-evolving chain.

Enlisting in Our Ranks

To join the ranks of the California Knife Makers Association is to join a legacy as enduring as the mountains. With a modest offering of thirty dollars each year, members commit to service – not merely to the craft, but to each other, fostering a spirit of mutual support and involvement. This commitment opens doors to hallowed gatherings, imparts knowledge through our newsletters, and grants the privilege to showcase one's art at the grand California Knife Expo.

Gazing into the Forge of Tomorrow

As we march forward, our rules, like our steel, are tempered and tested, ensuring we remain at the vanguard of knifemaking. We welcome all who share our burning passion – whether one seeks to master the craft or to cherish it as a collector. We are more than a collection of artisans; we are a tribe, bound together by the love of the craft.

Our Commitment

Our association stands tall on three mighty pillars:

  • To Honor Our Craft and Its Craftspeople: We are the chroniclers of the unique artistry of California's knifemakers, each blade a testament to the story of its creator.

  • To Forge Excellence in Our Art: We are a crucible of knowledge, a gathering of minds from the raw apprentice to the master craftsman. Our shared wisdom is the whetstone upon which each member sharpens their skill.

  • To Celebrate Our Artistry in Grand Assemblies: Year upon year, we bring forth the zenith of knifemaking, not merely as a show, but as a grand festival of creativity, a confluence of the finest minds and hands in the realm of knifemaking.

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